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Counseling for International Students

As an experienced educator and counselor who has worked in the U.S., Asia, Africa and Europe for over 20 years, I have the skills, compassion and dedication to provide support and guidance to help your child thrive socially, emotionally and academically.

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My Mission

I am committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where international students and their families can feel understood and recognise their strengths as a way to cope with and better manage their unique challenges. My mission is to provide compassionate counseling that cultivates a sense of belonging and celebrates the unique identities of each individual.

I create a safe and welcoming space where students and their families can openly explore their emotions, thoughts and experiences. By embracing diversity and cultural richness, I aim to facilitate meaningful connections and foster resilience in the face of challenges.

Through supportive discussion, reflection and goal-setting, I help individuals develop the tools, strategies, attitudes and behaviours that help them thrive socially, emotionally and academically, leading to more fulfilling lives.

I could thank you a thousand times for the many wonderful ways you have helped my children the last three years and it would not be nearly enough. You are such a special and rare treasure of a human because you really do make your corner of the world a much better place to be. You are truly an inspirational force for so much goodness.

~ Parent at BIS

Flexibility For You

I understand the challenge of schedules and logistics and will work with you to find practical meeting times and locations, including online.

I specialise in providing counseling services tailored to students ranging from early childhood through early adolescence.

How Can Counseling Help?

  • Managing worry
  • Building healthy relationships and communication skills
  • Maintaining friendships
  • Conflict resolution, at school and home
  • Adjusting to a new culture and academic environment
  • Exploring identity and values
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Building confidence and self-advocacy
  • Developing perseverance and initiative
  • Anger management
  • Working through grief
  • Navigating parent separation and divorce
  • Developing effective study habits and time management strategies
  • Offering community resources for specific higher-level concerns that general counseling won’t address

I cannot thank you enough for helping me make friends in Grade 3 and 4. You were very helpful, kind and helped me create strong, heart filled friendships that I am infinitely grateful for.

~ Student at BIS

Services I Offer

Individual Counseling


Group Counseling


Parent Consultation




Limits to Confidentiality

Confidentiality is highly important in order to create a safe and trusting environment where clients feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues. Limits of confidentiality refer to situations where counselors are ethically and legally obligated to disclose information shared in order to protect the client or others from harm. Two common scenarios where confidentiality may be breached include instances of abuse and suicidal ideation.

You should know that you are a beacon of light and kindness. Any space that you are in is lucky to have you. I appreciate how you listen with an open and nonjudgmental heart. You are calm, trustworthy, empathetic and a great person with both students and adults.

~ Staff member at BIS