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Ensuring Your Students' Safety and Well-Being

With over 20 years experience in international schools, I offer training and practical strategies to primary school teachers, counselors, parents, and students to support the foundations of social and emotional well-being: communication skills, emotional regulation, child protection, and community building.

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Kelli Holm

Kelli has implemented so many programs and gives so much support to our students, staff and parents alike, as well as developing relationships in our community, and offering helpful resources that make a difference. Her lessons on child protection for our students are exceptional and she has made potentially difficult discussions easy and enjoyable for our kids.

~ Teacher at BIS

Strengthen your social-emotional foundations

Schools have had to adjust priorities over the past few years and the gaps in communication skills, emotional regulation, child protection practices and a sense of community have never been more noticeable.

As your school is looking ahead towards recovery and growth, find out what responsive and practical support looks like!

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Child Protection

Educate your students to take action in protecting themselves and others against abuse.

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Additional Services

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are of paramount importance for students’ academic and social-emotional well-being.

Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation has never been as critical in this climate of noticeable increases in anxiety, depression and alienation from others.

Community Building

A strong school community is the foundation for how students learn and flourish as they continue to grow.

Looking forward to seeing Kelli again. I thought the work Kelli did with us last week was incredibly valuable and she has such a fantastic way of presenting this information; the right mixture of knowledgeable and disarming.

~ Staff member at the Independent Bonn International School

Who I am

I’ve been in international education for nearly 20 years. The entirety of those years has been within IB schools in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Before becoming a counselor, I was a primary classroom teacher for well over a decade, and PYP coordinator. My counseling practice has been informed by my experience as a teacher and I bring a well-rounded perspective to all my work, as someone who has worked in many countries and in varied capacities.

I’m able to offer consistent and practical assistance to primary school staff, students, and families so that all constituents feel confident in their skills, and encouraged to support students more effectively. Through the training and guidance I provide international schools, children can flourish social-emotionally and academically.

Kelli Holm
Founder of Boldenbrave 2020

As a father, I've been incredibly fortunate to have Kelli as my children's counselor. As a direct result of the work I know is happening with Kelli in the primary school, I see clear evidence at home that my kids are being equipped with the language, skills, and knowledge to lead healthy and safe lives.

~ Parent at BIS