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Empowering children to be their own superhero!

Educate your students to take action in protecting themselves and others against abuse.

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Mission summarized

Boldenbrave is committed to help end the culture of secrecy surrounding abuse, so that the most vulnerable of our population are protected as they deserve. Working with school communities of teachers, support staff, parents, and students, a common language and way of educating children about this topic ensures understanding and best practice. Lessons are developmentally appropriate, empowering, and enjoyable for all students. Educators are coached how to deliver lessons and guide conversations so that students as young as three develop greater self-advocacy skills, learn about voice and ownership over their bodies, and practice ways of taking action to protect themselves and others.

As a parent and educator, I fully support Kelli's position to help students navigate their social emotional health. I also like that as ‘the Feelings Teacher,’ she comes into the classes and targets important conversations such as reading body language and Safe Touch. This gives students a voice and skills in protecting themselves.

~ Parent at BIS

Workshops and other supports

  • Teachers and Counselors
  • Parents
  • Boarding Schools and Sports Organizations

Information session

5-10 staff from school

Full day workshop

40 participants

Follow up coaching/support


Half day workshop

50 participants

Lessons directly to students

20 students per group (x 3 groups max per day)

Follow up coaching/support

I’m happy to tailor my services to your specific school needs.

Specialized materials

Posters of the Touching Rule and Safety Steps

Posters of the Touching Rule and Safety Steps

These posters highlight the key components of a child protection curriculum and can be hung in the classroom for easy reference. The Safety Steps are especially applicable to many situations students face in class and at home and help reinforce three simple ways to stay safe in different circumstances.

All materials

  • Workbooks for upper and lower primary (these are for student use to accompany child protection lessons)
  • Posters of a girl and boy in swimsuits (to teach the names of private body parts). It’s possible to choose between posters, showing different kids from various ethnic backgrounds.
  • Posters of the key components of the curriculum* (Touching Rule and Safety Steps) to hang in the classroom
  • Updated book list which shows which child protection themed books are available online. I also included current and helpful child protection websites on this document as well.
  • Digital photos of safe touch (protection, play and care) & unsafe touch (aggression)

*AISA Child Protection Handbook: https://aisa.or.ke/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Child-Protection-Handbook-Curriculum-Guidance-7July2016-1.pdf

I like the way Kelli adapted the training sessions to the needs and wishes of the staff. I appreciate her experience and advice in what can be very difficult situations. It was great to have an expert in the field there to answer our questions so knowledgeably, in particular someone who works in an international school and understands the particular issues we face.

~ Principal of I.B.I.S.